Neighbours paying a visit


Part of the job of looking after the river involves knowing what we’ve got so we can manage the landscape accordingly. To that end I’ve recently added another toy to the box. I’m trialing a trail-cam and it’s already getting some good images. So far I’ve just been setting it up in the garden so I can keep an eye on it, with the plan later of setting it up further in the wild where I know we have badgers and other wildlife and where I’m not sure what we’ll find. You just strap it to a tree and forget about it.

(!gnore the date..I’ve not worked out how to change it yet!)

This clearly shows what I already knew. Foxes and rabbits are visiting at night, although we’re clearly a bunny down after this midnight feast. And I’m pretty sure he knows I’m watching him!

I’ve also got a few nice daytime shots….

But to be honest, the majority have been more like this! My dog Tilley clearly also wants to know who’s been visiting her garden.

For those of you with an interest in wildlife I really can recommend getting one. Mine has only been out a couple of days and has already given me an insight into what’s been going on without me knowing. They are worth a try if you’re nosy like me and don’t cost a great deal anymore . (Mine was recently purchased cheaply from a national supermarket that shall remain nameless. Suffice it to say it was one of those shops where people in posh cars hurry to shove their produce into bags from an establishment they deem more prestigious and suitable for the neighbours to see.)