My favourite sort of morning

A lot of the job of a Lengthsman can be noisy. I spend many an hour with a strimmer, following a mower or swinging a chainsaw. They are all essential in making the river the best place to visit (or in the case of the wildlife, live). While I love those parts of the job, there is also joy in appreciating the quiet bits. It can be sitting in the long grass with a camera waiting for the damselflies to show themselves, wielding a paintbrush when the bridges need doing or seeing what the night has brought to my moth box. 

To bug lovers like me opening a trap is  a bit like Christmas morning, or Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. You never know what your going to get. Today there were 50 odd moths of 20 or so different types which takes me up to about 150 species all together that have visited my trap (which leaves over 2400 British natives and visitors that haven’t yet!). I enjoy collecting the data. It allows me to see if we have any rarities and see if we can manage the habitats and foodplants differently to encourage more species to make themselves at home here. I also enjoy a good mystery and gaining an insight into the nocturnal visitors most of us never get to see. Having the opportunity to do that over an orange juice surrounded by books (another passion of mine) makes for a great what to start the day.