Wild timing

This was going to be a post about finally finishing painting my 3 lock sides ( which I now have … Hooray! ) As you can see the lovely new white lines aren’t the main thing you see when you look at the picture I’ve just taken.

Following weeks of early starts, late finishes and lots of hard work to spruce up my locks for spring, the last splosh of paint hadn’t even dried before the local wildlife decided things were looking a bit too tidy. The mole hill started off as a tiny bump but has been growing throughout the day. The scuff marks you can see on this side of the river are from a badger’s search for worms, insects and leatherjackets ( the cranefly grubs not 1970s cop show attire ). 

While I can’t lie, I am slightly annoyed by the impeccable timing,  it’s great to know that I’m sharing my bit of river with some beautiful creatures. I’m hoping it also means that there are some mole pups and badger cubs being well sheltered and fed by their (clearly) active parents nearby. In the last few days as well as the evidence of badgers and moles I’ve seen. weasel casually crossing the path, rabbits enjoying the lock side grass, roe deer giving me ( and my dog ) a distainful look, foxes and squirrels in abundance  and something else small and fluffy has definitely found my bird food stash! While I appreciate that I’m very lucky where I live, I can guarantee that wherever you are you are sharing your space with more than you realise, if you only take time to look and read the signs.



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