I know I should have grown out of it but..



… being the first set of footprints in the snow is still a joyful thing. It was a particular surprise today when I woke up at 4.30 to check the water levels, as the forecast had led me to believe that we were just due a bit of drizzle overnight. Growing up in Dorset I think makes you even more appreciative and inclined to get up at silly-o’clock to make the most of what you know is likely to be a fleeting visitor. I can’t claim to be the earliest riser on the Navigation as the Maintenance Team had already been at work for about an hour by the time my camera and I ventured outside. That said, at half past seven the 2 swans, 7 mallards, 1 wren and I had my bit of the river to ourselves. As the snow was still falling there weren’t any tracks to give away who else was around. I was heartened to see a bit later another 40-something, clearly old enough to know better, off out with a toboggan and no children. Some things you should never grow out of.