Happy (owl) Boxing Day!


Thanks to the ‘Operation Owl’ and Woking LA21 we are the proud owners of a new Little Owl box. It seemed appropriate to put it up on Boxing Day. The fact that it was a dry day without too much activity from the weirs and having willing volunteers in the form of Christmas guests made it seem like a sensible choice.

We managed to find the perfect tree, overlooking the right sort of grass and hunting territory and the preferred North Easterly direction. Luckily I managed to find a row of trees pointing the right way and away from the water, which can be a real hazard for the fledging owlets. The plan is that this will be the first of many Little owl, Barn owl and Tawny owl boxes up and down the river. I have seen or heard all 3 species on the Walsham length so hopefully it is only a matter of time before the first inhabitants move in!


New face at Triggs

CC crop 

Following Lucy’s decision to leave we have now been joined by Chris, who is the new Lengthsman at Triggs. He has grown up fishing here, so knows the stretch of water well. He has also been volunteering with us for a couple of years, alongside his day job as a groundsman and studying at Merist Wood. ( Not that i’m biased but as an ex-groundsman myself I know that he has all the skills he’ll need to do a cracking job! ) If you see him out and about please say hello and make him feel welcome.

Back open for business !!

Triggs closure

As part of our planned maintenance, the Maintenance Team have been undertaking repairs to the gates at Triggs Lock this week. The floods last year meant we had to postpone the 2 scheduled lock closures and add them to this winter’s list. Consequently the team have been left having to deal with 4 closures to be completed, which is considerably more than a usual year. They have already replaced both set of gates at  Millmead Lock in Guildford and have now completed the repair work at Triggs ahead of schedule. It was planned that the work would take a week and that the Navigation would remain closed while it was done but this was them taking the last of the boards out yesterday after just 2 days work.